(1930- )

Born in Istanbul on September 20, 1930, Yılmaz Öztuna completed his high school education in Istanbul and then entered Istanbul Conservatory. From 1950 to 1957 he lived in Paris, where he worked in the library. He studied at the Political Science Institute of Paris University, French Civilization at the Sorbonne, the upper level of the Alliance Française, and continued at the Paris Conservatory. He wrote his first article at the age of 13, and published his first book at 15.

In 1969, elected Member of Parliament for Konya Province, he moved to Ankara. There he served at TRT as member of the auditing board, repertoire board and education board (January 1966–November 1981), as head undersecretary at the Ministry of Culture (1974–77), as a founding member of the Istanbul Technic University State Conservatory for Turkish Music, and as a founding member of the board of directors of the Turkish Music Chorus. From 1974–19809, he served as general director of publications at the National Ministry of Education, where he published the K - T volumes of the Turkish Encyclopedia.

He has made a broad variety of contributions to Turkish musicology. In addition to his encyclopedia work and his historical writings, his works on musicology are the following:

Türk Bestecileri Ansiklopedisi, Istanbul, 1969

Türk Musikisi Ansiklopedisi, Istanbul 1969-1976

Türk Musikisi(Tarih-Teknik), Istanbul, 1987

Türk Musikisi Klasikleri, Istanbul, 1972

Saadeddin Arel, Ankara, 1986

Hacı Arif Bey, Ankara, 1986

Dede Efendi, Ankara, 1987

Abdülkadir Meragi, Ankara 1988

Şevki Bey, Ankara, 1988