(? -1915 or 1925)

Turkish traditional music lutanist, lute (ud) playler and composer of Greek origin. His actual name was Batrik Kityazis. Andon was the elder brother of Civan Ağa and Hristaki, and teacher of Vasilaki and Subhi Ziya Özbekkan. His pieces are likely to be confused with those of Andon Düzyan.

He worked with a saz group consisting of his brothers, performing for a long time in public. This group was very successful in their köçekçe performances. Andon was known by his famous musical works. Today there are some works left: instrument pieces - Peşrev, Saz Semâîsi, Mandra and some songs. His masterpiece is: HüseynÎ Peşrev ve Saz Semâîsi’.